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Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Live Better

  • Insomnia Triples Your Risk of Developing Asthma

    Adult onset-asthma has been linked to a variety of factors ranging from heredity and obesity to air pollution and smoking.  Now, scientists have discovered another factor that significantly increases your chances of developing asthma later in life:  insomnia. The surprising findings come from a Norwegian study published last week in...
  • 8 Essential Items for Your Asthma Action Plan

    When was the last time you looked at your asthma action plan?  For many of us, asthma management becomes routine and we don’t take the time to refer to the formal plan we’ve established with our doctors.  But it’s important to update this information regularly and to ensure that we...
  • When Is the Best Time to Take Your Daily Asthma or Allergy Medication?

    Once daily medications can help you manage your symptoms by reducing inflammation and blocking key chemical pathways.  You already know these medications should be used regularly in order to be effective.  But does it make a difference if you decide to take them in the morning, afternoon or evening? Yes...

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